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Fast flame system to shoot flames in 5 different directions! The Flamaniac is fuelled by Flame fluid which is available in different colours.

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  1. The Smokejet is MagicFX’s answer to the demand for a safe, yet high-quality imitation CO2 effect. This compact device has been designed for easy transport and placement, and has enough power to imitate the powerful force of CO2 jets and flames. This unit will never generate the heat or cold of a traditional jet, but for locations where that kind of thing could be a problem, this is an excellent alternative. The Smokejet by MagicFX can be used functions standing, on its side, or suspended from a truss, and can be positioned at any angle imaginable. Powerful RGBA LEDs provide you with a broad colour palette so you can illuminate those great plumes of smoke in any colour you want.

The Smokejet is a great alternative to CO2 jets or flamethrowers in locations where effects like this pose a fire hazard. It has a robust metal housing, legs on two sides, a handle, and a nozzle section surrounded by powerful RGBA LEDs for determining the colour you want to project on your smoke plume as it blasts into the air. Without LEDs, you’ll be able to imitate the effect of a CO2 jet, and with them, the effect of a flamethrower! The unit works onwith MagicFX Smoke fluid and can be operated by DMX as well as via remote control. With a fluid consumption of 150 ml per minute, this may seem like an inefficient device, but bear in mind, you’d only use it once in a while for a dynamic effect, not continually.

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/ Works on alcohol based flame fluid / 4 different flame colors (yellow, orange, red, green) / 5 output angles / Double pump system for constant pressure / Immediate response, very fast flame effects / Comet or flame mode / Compact system / DMX controllable / Safety channel / Install with a remote / 2 red LED safety indicators / Plug and play system / Mount in truss, put on (or build in) stages


/ Size: 40.4 cm x 31.7 cm x 25.7 cm / Weight: (KG) 20 / Voltage: 230 V / Power: 250 W / Control: DMX / Infrared remote / Consumption: MAGICFX? Flame Fluid (yellow, red, orange, green) / Max. Distance: 5 different angles, up to 6 m / Warranty: 3 years


Magic FX

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